You can search for hours for receipts in email...

  • Endless bank transcripts...
  • Procrastinating and feeling guilty
  • Searching emails once, twice, thrice...
  • Printing to PDF again, and again...
  • Which account might it be?
  • Chasing deductions

...or let Receipt Runner do it for you:

Press and Receipt Runner:

  • Finds your digital receipts for you πŸ”
  • Exports as accountant-friendly PDFs πŸ€“
  • Makes your life a little better πŸ‘‡

"Receipt runner eliminated hours of tedious work"

Find receipts with one click...

Receipts are found in seconds – saving you hours of manual work.

How? Receipt Runner uses bank transaction data to look for receipts in your email accounts. the matches...

Approve them one-by-one or all-at-once and stay in as much control as you'd like.

...and export to PDFs

Receipt Runner creates accounting-friendly PDFs that you can export directly to accounting software or to your desktop.

All done securely, on your computer

Receipt Runner keeps your secrets private by running locally on your computer, not on some web server.

Read the privacy policy for more details

Free up time and energy

"Finding receipts has never been easier!

This is a feature all accounting services ought to have."

"If you are as tired as I am of searching for receipts then sign up for Receipt Runner.

Think about all the hours you spend finding these things - I’m certain you’ll save both time and money"

Get set up in 60 seconds

The app guides you through the steps:

  1. Connect your email
  2. Connect your bank, or upload a bank transcript
  3. Find your receipts

It takes one minute and saves you hours.

Get a reminder to check it out later

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Download and test now

How Receipt Runner works, in detail:

Full list of tutorials and how-to’s

Relief-based pricing with a pretty nice refund button

Starting at $9.99/month, paid yearly or monthly. See all plans

No matter which plan you choose, you get:

  • , if not 100% satisfied πŸ™Œ
  • Relief from manual receipt work 😌
  • Reclaimed time and focus πŸ•
  • Regained sanity ❀️

Not happy? Give yourself a refund

Sometimes software just doesn't work the way you hoped it would.

That's why I made this button that refunds the last 90 days of charges and cancels your subscription, at any time.

Not happy? Just press the button. It's in the app settings.

You can test it out here:

Try Receipt Runner for free

You can test it for free with limited exports, without entering any card information.

All you need is a minute and your computer.

Get a reminder to check it out later

Send us an email to follow up with you when you are back at your desk:

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Download and test now

Made for haters, by a hater

My name is Daniel πŸ‘‹, and I’m the creator of Receipt Runner.

I hate collecting receipts.

If you hate it as much as I do, I’m pretty sure you’ll LOVE the app.

The end goal is to get rid of the hassle of all receipts, not just for email.

If you have any tips hit me up at, or