Find your receipts with one click

Press and Receipt Runner:

  • Finds your digital receipts for you 🔍
  • Exports as accountant-friendly PDFs 🤓
  • Makes your life a little better 👇

"Sitting down to gather receipts no longer kills the office mood"

How it works

Receipt Runner searches through emails, finds the right receipt, and delivers it as a PDF designed for accountants.

It runs locally on your computer, keeping your emails and private data safe.

Read more about how it works

Free up time and energy

"Receipt runner eliminated hours of tedious work, streamlining our operations.

We no longer have to convert each of our email receipts to PDFs prior to sending to QuickBooks"

"If you are as tired as I am of searching for receipts then sign up for Receipt Runner.

Think about all the hours you spend finding these things - I’m certain you’ll save both time and money"

Pricing is dead simple:

$4.99/month, paid yearly or monthly.

Download for free and test with limited exports before buying:

Nervous about subscribing to something new?

I would be too.

That's why I made this button that refunds the last 90 days of charges and cancels your subscription, at any time.

Not happy? Just press the button. It's in the app settings.

You can test it out here:

Made for haters, by a hater

My name is Daniel 👋, and I’m the developer behind Receipt Runner.

I hate collecting receipts.

If you hate it as much as I do, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy the app.

The end goal is to get rid of the hassle of all receipts, not just for email.

If you have any tips hit me up at, or

Security and privacy

Receipt Runner keeps your secrets private by running locally on your computer, not on some web server.

Read the privacy policy for more details

Test it yourself

Receipt Runner only works on Macs and PCs.

Get a link sent to your email so you can test it when you're back at your desk!

When you get the app, you can test it for free with limited exports, without entering any card information.

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