Relief-based pricing, and try for free first

No matter which plan you choose, you get:

  • , if not 100% satisfied 🙌
  • Relief from manual receipt work 😌
  • Reclaimed time and focus 🕐
  • Regained sanity ❤️


You pay from the app, and you can test it for free with limited exports first.

Get the app and try it for free

You can test it for free with limited exports, without entering any card information.

All you need is a minute and your computer.

Receive a link to test it later

(No spam. We follow up after a few days to hear how the test went.)

Download and test now

Not happy? Give yourself a refund

Sometimes software just doesn't work the way you hoped it would.

That's why I made this button that refunds the last 90 days of charges and cancels your subscription, at any time.

Not happy? Just press the button. It's in the app settings.

You can test it out here: