Privacy and security

Summary: To the greatest extent possible the app Receipt Runner tries to keep everything local on your computer. That makes all your data private, and as secure as your computer is.

There are three exceptions to this:

1) If you use Plaid to import bank transactions automatically
When you use Plaid, they handle your transactions on their servers. If that worries you, read their privacy policy or just import bank statements manually instead.
2) If you pay for the app
When paying your email address and subscription status is stored on my server, and Stripe handles your payment data.
3) If you open the chat widget, data you share with the chat widget is handled by Crisp.

Full privacy policy:

Searching E-mails

The app uses access to your emails to search for matching receipts, in the following way:

  • All is done and stored locally on your computer, and no credentials or emails are given to our servers or are accessible by us.
  • Receipt Runner uses the Gmail API 'gmail.readOnly' to do this, and all emails are fetched over secure HTTPS.

Sending E-mails

The app can be used to send emails with receipts to accounting software that supports importing receipts by email.

  • Receipt Runner uses the Gmail API 'gmail.send' to do this, and all data is sent over secure HTTPS.

Bank accounts

The app uses bank transcripts to search for the right receipts.

  • Receipt Runner never stores bank transaction data anywhere but locally on your computer.
  • If you use the Plaid service for autosyncing your bank, they have their own privacy policy that can be read here:

Payment methods

The app uses Stripe for payment. They have a privacy policy that can be read here:

In addition, we store subscription status and your email adress on our subscription server. This is used to make sure only you have access to the app you've paid for and to contact you in case there's anything wrong.

Chat and help

I use Crisp for chat. Data you share with the chat widget is stored by Crisp in accordance with the Crisp Privacy policy. This is needed to help you and respond to questions you might have on the site or in the app, and may include your email (if you provide it) as well as where you are on the site or in the app.

Analytics on this website and in the app

To know how well the site and app is doing, we've installed the privacy sensitive Matomo Analytics. It is configured to not store any personally identifiable information (including anonomyzing IP adresses), but it does store a cookie to easily distinguish each visitor to any specific site from another visitor to that site. You can read more in the Matomo privacy policy. You can, if you wish, opt out of all Matomo website tracking (on any site) using the same link.

In the app, Matomo is used to track health indicators for the app - without linking it to personally identifiable information.

It tracks things like:

  • How many users manage to set up the app
  • How many users use the app to export receipts, and how many receipts are exported
  • How well does the receipt search work: How many strong and weak matches are there after a search? How many transactions did we find a receipt for?

The setup never tracks any information that can be used to identify you, nor any of your transactions or emails.

Facebook Pixel, Google, and ad retargeting

Determining if you are under GDPR or not... (Ad retargeting is blocked until we can confirm that you are outside the EU)

If you are in the EU or otherwise under GDPR juristiction, all non-GDPR compliant tracking is turned off without you having to press some button declining our "offer" of cookies - including Facebook pixels and Google tracking.

If you are not under GDPR juristiction (i.e. outside the EEA/EU), and you don't block ads, Facebook and Google might track you while on this website through a Facebook Pixel and Google tracking code. The tracking is not active in the app itself, only on this webpage, and so the only information shared with them is the fact that you visited, wether or not you downloaded the app, wether you completed a purchase, and similar actions on the website. (The purchase tracking is used to stop showing ads to you if you become a customer and to tell Facebook to show Receipt Runner to others like you who might also like it).

The ads are used to remind you about the product for a few days after your visit. From our experience, enough people end up buying after being reminded by one of these retargeting ads that it seems worth the pestering, especially with the minimal personal information available to trackers on this site.

Non GDPR compliant trackers like Facebook and Google are not allowed in the app, where your personal data lives.

If you wish to block Facebook pixels and Google ads on all sites, regardless of GDPR or not, I recommend uBlock origin or similar adblocking software.

Optional search improvement programme

If you want to teach our system to be better at finding receipts, you may in the future be asked if you want to opt in to a programme that allows us to experiment with different search methods. If so:

  • The receipts will still be searched for locally, and no credentials will be shared with our servers.
  • How well the search goes will be shared with us and used to improve the receipt searches.