Terms of service

Version 09-01-2020

Summary: You use and pay for the app only as long as you like it. There's a generous refund button that you can test out below. Receipt Runner does not guarantee that the app works for you.

Full terms of service:

Payment, refunds and subscriptions

For any purchase of a subscription there is a refund button that is active for 90 days. Pressing it will refund all money paid in the last 90 days, and cancel the subscription.

The button is intended for one time use only. Misuse will result in a block.

You can test it out here:

We reserve the right to kick anyone off the service, and you always have the right to end your subscription.

Receipt Runner is delivered as-is

There's no guarantee that Receipt Runner will work for its intended purpose. In addition:

  • We are not legally or economically liable if something goes wrong and data is lost, not sent, or the app otherwise doesn't work. (Please let us know though! We'd love to fix it. You can also refund per the refund policy if you're not happy.)
  • We are not legally or economically liable if something goes wrong with any third-party services you use together with Receipt Runner, even if there are integrations with these in the app itself (for example Gmail, Microsoft Graph, Plaid, Crisp, Stripe or any other service)

Privacy policy

Read the privacy policy

Open sourcing if service is terminated

In the unlikely event that the aircraft Receipt Runner goes bankrupt or otherwise shuts down as a company, with no plans for continuing service through some other company or any other means, it's our intention to open source the source code of the client so that you can continue to use the app. However we are not legally bound to do so.

Applicable terms of service

The terms of service can be updated, and new terms of service will then cover the relationship. You will be notified if they are and given a chance to cancel your subscription if you disagree with the new terms.

Where we'll fight it out

If you want to fight us in court, we'll do so in Oslo, Norway - in accordance with Norwegian laws.